My itinerary through Asia this summer

For several reasons (including having caught the travel bug from my trip to Iran and knowing friends will be in the area), I decided I’m going to tour Asia this summer, alternately with family and then with friends.

1) If you will be in any of these places at the same time (or would like to be…), I would love to see familiar faces. :)

2) What should I see/do?!

3) I’m currently doing the latter half of India (July 26 – August 6) by myself and would love company – let me know if you’d like to join!

UPDATE: Going to save the southern part of India for a month that won’t go above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any interest in a winter trip to India/Turkey/UAE?

Sat June 2 Germany Frankfurt (10a-10p, 11 hr layover)
Sun June 3 Singapore
Mon June 4 Singapore
Tue June 5 Malaysia Melaka
Wed June 6 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Thur June 7 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
 Fri June 8 Malaysia Penang
 Sat June 9 Malaysia > Thailand Penang > Bangkok
Sun June 10 Thailand Bangkok
Mon June 11 Cambodia Siem Reap
Tue June 12 Cambodia Siem Reap
 Wed June 13 Cambodia Siem Reap
 Thur June 14 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Fri June 15 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Sat June 16 Vietnam Hoi An
Sun June 17 Vietnam Hoi An
Mon June 18 Vietnam Hanoi
Tue June 19 Vietnam Halong Bay
Wed June 20 Vietnam Hanoi
Thur June 21 China Guangzhou
Fri June 22 China Guangzhou
Sat June 23 China Hainan Island
Sun June 24 China Hainan Island
Mon June 25 China Hainan Island
Tue June 26 China Guangzhou
Wed June 27 China Guangzhou
Thur June 28 China Hong Kong
Fri June 29 Taiwan Taipei
Sat June 30 Taiwan TBD
Sun July 1 Taiwan TBD
Mon July 2 Taiwan Taipei
Tue July 3 South Korea Daegu
Wed July 4 South Korea Daegu
Thur July 5 South Korea Daegu
Fri July 6 South Korea Seoul
Sat July 7 South Korea Seoul
Sun July 8 South Korea Seoul
Mon July 9 China Beijing
Tue July 10 China Beijing
Wed July 11 China Beijing
Thur July 12 China Beijing
Fri July 13 China Beijing
Sat July 14 India Calcutta
Sun July 15 India Calcutta
Mon July 16 India New Delhi
Tue July 17 India Leh
Wed July 18 India Ladakh
Thur July 19 India Ladakh
Fri July 20 India Ladakh
Sat July 21 India Ladakh
Sun July 22 India Ladakh
Mon July 23 India Ladakh
Tue July 24 India New Delhi
Wed July 25 USA Miami
Thur July 26 USA Miami
Fri July 27 USA Miami
Sat July 28 USA Miami
Sun July 29 USA HOME!

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  • ellen

    lots of interest!

  • nina

    D: i can’t believe i’m going to miss you in bj! you should’ve come before june 28 :x but at least i got to take my other mommy around :)) this sounds amazing!!