Recently, I learned…

… that my mom’s identity is inextricably wrapped up in her being a mother, that while I struggle to find the word that encapsulates all that I am and all that I aspire to be (designer? entrepreneur? strategist?), she has made her family her whole world, and as a result knows not how to refrain from worrying, because to lose any part of her family would be to lose herself.

Recently, I learned, again, that I am really good at believing the things I need to in order to mend my own heart.

I learned that it’s ok to allow people to leave my life, that as we grow older we’ll lose friends for many number of reasons, but we’ll also gain friends whom we’d want to never lose because we’ll start to gravitate toward people who live and love the same way we do, who believe in people, in happiness, and in their own ability to change the world in the same way we do.

I learned that I get attached really quite easily, and I am actually okay with that, because to try to force myself to be otherwise would mean to lose a part of me that I actually really like, the part of me that cares really deeply.

And I learned that when the universe gifts me coincidences that turn into opportunities, I should take them. Because I hate the feeling of wishing I hadn’t said no, but I don’t remember the last time I regretted saying “yes” to something.

Inspired (as I always am by everything she does) by a question  Kym posed in her just launched (to raving reviews) e-book, “A to Z: On Manifesting Our Happiest Self”

What have you learned recently?

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  • soapie

    your thoughts on your mom and her identity as a mother remind me of a book, by Kyung Sook-Shin, titled “Please Look After Mom.” If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. =)

    btw, i’m a friend of Kym’s and found your site through her FB. =)

  • John

    Wow, this is great. I respect your mom tho for making others first. But even as a parent there is a time to let go