[Case Study] Redesigning EEME’s Dashboard


EEME helps parents teach their kids electronics with monthly project kits. This is about the redesign of the web platform that’s used to serve the complementary online educational curriculum that teaches the kids both how to build their projects (gadgets like night lights and buzzers) – and how all the electronics works behind the scenes.

The Ask

After a year of lean product development and building incrementally in order to test basic product assumptions, we were ready to do a bottom-up rehaul of EEME’s dashboard based on what we’d learned.

At the top of that list were:

  • Potential customers need to “try before they buy”
  • Our subscribers loved our product and were willing to be tapped as brand ambassadors

So the goal was to redesign our dashboard to more effectively:

  • Get freemium users to engage with our free content, as a means of getting them to subscribe (priority)
  • Encourage existing subscribers to invite their friends to subscribe



Design Considerations

The dashboard had to:

  • Accommodate 2 different experiences from the same code template – one for freemium users and one for subscribers
  • Guide the user through a curated experience – our educational experience is sequential and each lesson builds on top of the knowledge taught in the previous one
  • Be flexible enough to accommodate the different types of content that we wanted to serve up (calls to subscribe, calls to share, freemium content, links to watch project videos, things we have not yet thought of)

The Solution

Modular cards linked together into a timeline allowed us to address all of the above objectives and considerations simultaneously:

Modular cards allowed us to firmly guide the user through a curated experience.
  • The timeline format helps to clearly convey what users should be doing first, second, and last. For example, we are able to communicate to our freemium users that the logical next step after they’ve engaged with our free content is to upgrade to our subscription plan. For our subscribers, we are able to prompt them to share the EEME experience with their friends right when they are most likely to do so – after they’ve had a great experience with one of their monthly projects.
  • The modularity of the cards makes the layout easily extensible – we can add any number of future lessons or free content.
  • Cards also means we can present very different types of content, while maintaining the cohesiveness of the design.

Next Steps: Measure conversion to subscriptions and change in the percentage of subscribers who refer

After: The Freemium Experience

After: The Freemium Experience

After: The Subscriber Experience

After: The Subscriber Experience

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